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Sharing The Burden: Ideas For Funeral Arrangements

Hello, everybody. My name is Lois, and I am in my seventies. It might be hard to believe, but I attended my first funeral when I was sixty-five years old. Since then, I have suffered the loss of quite a few family members and close friends. In fact, I have now organised over a dozen funerals. As someone who had been so blessed, it really came as a shock when I first experienced the trauma of making funeral arrangements whilst still finding time to grieve. It really taught me the importance of having an empathetic and creative funeral director that can help share the burden and honour your loved one appropriately. Hopefully, this blog will help those who, like me, had no idea about the enormity of the task a funeral organiser faces. I trust that the ideas within will prove comforting and inspiring during this difficult time. Thank you.

Considering a Full Monument?

27 September 2022
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If you're planning ahead for your eventual funeral, you'll be able to choose a headstone or grave monument and prepay for it. This gives you control over what's on your grave, rather than leaving it to your family's emotional whims and tastes when you've died. Your choices will be limited by what the cemetery allows and what the monument company has available in terms of materials and models, but you can find some interesting options, including full monuments. Read More …

A Guide To Planning Asian Funerals

29 April 2022
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Do you intend to hold an Asian funeral? It could be that you lost a close associate or family member of Asian origin. This comprehensive guide should make it easy to plan the funeral.  Respect The Deceased's Culture Your immediate task would be to establish how funerals are held in the deceased's culture. Remember, failing to observe the loved one's culture could seem disrespectful or insulting to their memory and family members. Read More …

Should Someone Be Cremated Before Or After Their Funeral?

7 January 2022
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Planning a funeral for a loved one will be one of the hardest things you'll ever have to do. That being said, the basic details of a funeral aren't so complicated. It's more the fact that these plans must be made during a profoundly difficult time. Having family, friends, and a skilled funeral director to help you will make this planning infinitely easier. If your loved one is to be cremated, you'll have to make a decision — should that happen before or after the funeral? Read More …