Why Should You Choose to Buy a Specialty Burial Garment for the Deceased?

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Why Should You Choose to Buy a Specialty Burial Garment for the Deceased?

26 October 2016
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Choosing a burial outfit often proves to be one of the hardest things about planning a funeral for a loved one. Many people will choose a favourite outfit of the deceased, or else pick one of the smartest outfits in their wardrobe. Funeral homes should let you choose any outfit you wish, but you can also choose to buy a special burial garment from a specialty manufacturer. It might sound strange to bury your loved one in clothes they never wore before, but it actually makes a lot of sense.

A Sense of Peace

Burial garments are designed to appear somewhat like nightwear, but with a more elegant appearance. The point is to create a garment that gives the suggestion of the person entering a long period of rest, with material lying lightly across the body. This also makes it easier for the people at your funeral home to dress and undress the departed.

This takes some of the worry out of having to pick a specific outfit out of one of your loved one's many options, which can be especially hard if they made no arrangements prior to passing away. You'll also forgo the need to part with any clothes that hold sentimental value.

The Right Fit

Another reason you might want to consider using a specialty garment is that it will be fitted to the body of the deceased. As people get older, they often become thinner. Additionally, many people will have experienced significant changes in their weight due to illness.

Unfortunately, this often means that the clothes they would have liked to be buried in are now too loose or tight, making such garments unsuitable for an open casket funeral. A specialty set of burial clothes will be matched to the deceased's body, making any changes seem less drastic and upsetting to those who view it. The fact that these garments are made to be less constricting than normal clothes will also help conceal any bodily changes.

Eco-Friendly Options

Finally, many people who are considering the eco-friendliness of their funeral will do better opting for a specialty burial suit. Normal clothes will often have zips, buckles, and other adornments that will not decompose, or they could be made using non-perishable materials. In contrast, burial suits are made to be more eco-friendly, allowing the body to be returned to the earth without causing any harm to the environment.  This will clearly be a more important concern if the body is being buried instead of cremated.