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Sharing The Burden: Ideas For Funeral Arrangements

Hello, everybody. My name is Lois, and I am in my seventies. It might be hard to believe, but I attended my first funeral when I was sixty-five years old. Since then, I have suffered the loss of quite a few family members and close friends. In fact, I have now organised over a dozen funerals. As someone who had been so blessed, it really came as a shock when I first experienced the trauma of making funeral arrangements whilst still finding time to grieve. It really taught me the importance of having an empathetic and creative funeral director that can help share the burden and honour your loved one appropriately. Hopefully, this blog will help those who, like me, had no idea about the enormity of the task a funeral organiser faces. I trust that the ideas within will prove comforting and inspiring during this difficult time. Thank you.

Social Media No-Nos After The Death Of A Loved One

23 August 2017
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The number of people using social media continues to rise in Australia, and as of January 2017, there were 16 million active Facebook users just in this country. Unfortunately, not all social media users bring common sense to the table when it comes to posted subjects. For example, more than one person has taken a selfie with the deceased, and this particular situation leaves funeral directors unimpressed. You haven't been on social media very long, so learning now the correct etiquette about how to deal with death in the electronic age means you're unlikely to get in the bad books of your relatives when the situation does occur. Read More …

How to Let People Know About a Funeral

24 April 2017
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Arranging a funeral can be a really difficult time, especially if you're dealing with an unexpected loss. You might feel overwhelmed by everything you need to do and are unsure of how to get the word out about your loved one's funeral. Here's some advice on how to let people know about a funeral so that you don't have to worry and nobody feels left out. You could use one or several of the methods - choose those which you think will work best in your unique situation. Read More …

A Guide To Basic Funeral Etiquette

3 January 2017
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If you've never been to a Christian funeral before, you may be unsure what to expect and how to conduct yourself. To give you some pointers on funeral etiquette, here's a quick guide. What to Wear Traditionally, mourners always wore black to a Christian funeral. However, this has largely changed and people are usually guided by the request of the person organising the funeral. If there are no special guidelines issued, smart, comfortable clothes are recommended. Read More …

How To Clean A White Marble Cemetery Monument

30 November 2016
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White marble makes a beautiful medium from which to craft headstones and other forms of cemetery monuments.  However, over time white marble can become soiled by air pollution, mould and mildew, and bird droppings, leaving it looking dull and destroying its natural sparkle.  Marble is a porous, natural stone, and it can be badly damaged and stained by the acid contained in air pollutants and animal faeces, so cleaning it regularly can help to prolong the monument's life too. Read More …

Why Should You Choose to Buy a Specialty Burial Garment for the Deceased?

26 October 2016
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Choosing a burial outfit often proves to be one of the hardest things about planning a funeral for a loved one. Many people will choose a favourite outfit of the deceased, or else pick one of the smartest outfits in their wardrobe. Funeral homes should let you choose any outfit you wish, but you can also choose to buy a special burial garment from a specialty manufacturer. It might sound strange to bury your loved one in clothes they never wore before, but it actually makes a lot of sense. Read More …