Sharing The Burden: Ideas For Funeral Arrangements

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Sharing The Burden: Ideas For Funeral Arrangements

Hello, everybody. My name is Lois, and I am in my seventies. It might be hard to believe, but I attended my first funeral when I was sixty-five years old. Since then, I have suffered the loss of quite a few family members and close friends. In fact, I have now organised over a dozen funerals. As someone who had been so blessed, it really came as a shock when I first experienced the trauma of making funeral arrangements whilst still finding time to grieve. It really taught me the importance of having an empathetic and creative funeral director that can help share the burden and honour your loved one appropriately. Hopefully, this blog will help those who, like me, had no idea about the enormity of the task a funeral organiser faces. I trust that the ideas within will prove comforting and inspiring during this difficult time. Thank you.

Understanding The Role Of A Funeral Director

15 August 2019
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When you lose a loved one, the thought of making funeral arrangements can seem overwhelming, so it may be of benefit to understand the role of a funeral director. A funeral director's role is multifaceted, and in addition to arranging the practical aspects of a funeral, they are also there to support family members as they walk through the process of saying goodbye to the deceased. Here's an overview of a funeral director's role before, during and after the funeral service: Read More …

What do people use a private funeral chapel for?

26 March 2019
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When someone dies, there is usually a period of between ten days and two weeks between the actual passing itself and the funeral. The funeral may be either a burial or cremation, and is intended to bring some degree of closure to the family and friends of the person who has died. Whilst the ten days or two weeks may not seem long in terms of time, the funeral home plays a significant role in providing stabilisation and transition through this period. Read More …

Would You Want Your Final Resting Place to Be a Smart One?

26 October 2018
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Not so long ago, people had regular mobile phones instead of smartphones. Smart locks are also now becoming more commonplace. It seems that most aspects of daily life can be made smart. But what about when it comes to your final resting place? Whether a person decides to be cremated or buried, smart technology can still play a role. When the time comes to decide your final resting place, would you want it to be a smart one? Read More …

How to Tackle the Restoration of a Cemetery in Disrepair

11 June 2018
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As a facility, a cemetery is normally regarded as a final destination point for those who are buried within and, as a consequence, may often be forgotten when it comes to its maintenance. It's as if there's nothing more to say and people tend to move on with their own lives, preferring to cherish the memory of the individual rather than worry about the place they are laid to rest. While this is, of course, a general statement, there may be some truth to it when you consider just how many cemeteries around the country have fallen into a state of disrepair. Read More …

The Last Waltz: Choosing a Song For a Funeral Service

3 January 2018
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If you have recently lost a loved one, you may be trying to think of an appropriate song for the funeral services. The music that is played as the coffin is carried out of the church or moved into the crematorium can play a key part in both expressing who the person was and in allowing loved ones to grieve. If you are unsure which song would be best, check out the list below for some ideas. Read More …